Top six fictional characters who would be arrested in real life

Edward-Cullen-is-stalking-you-critical-analysis-of-twilight-11041144-326-180 (1)

Sometimes, characters get away with crimes and misdemeanors that would have us dialing 911 in 10 seconds, tops. In book-land, however, lovable criminals are quite common. Here they are, in all their unrepentant glory.

6. Katniss Everdeen, from Hunger Games

Poaching is a very unlovely habit, dear. Oh, wait, she would totally get away with this in my town. Never mind.

Jacob doing what he does best

5. Jacob Black, from Twilight

Public indecency, natch–in front of a cop, no less. With the sheer amount of time he spends undressing in public, an easily offended old lady or old vampire is bound to spot him at some point. You know what, he would get away with this in my town, too. Pity that none of the guys who walk around shirtless here look like Jacob Black…

[someone make this movie so I can use pictures. I’m serious.]

4. Warner, from Shatter Me

Let me ask a quick question: Who the HELL falls in love with a girl by reading her medical records? Like, I guess that’s…cute. Kind of stalkerish, but who am I to judge? But then he routinely tortures his soldiers. And it takes Juliette shooting him in the arm for him to realize they’re officially broken up. Not that they’re really breaking up, because she was never with him him in the first place.

It is a mark of how messed up Warner’s world is that he has the power to arrest people instead of the other way around. Either way, Warner would get slapped with ten restraining orders in a just universe.

teh riding crop

3. Jareth, from the Labyrinth

Steals babies, check. Hits on teenage girls, check. Wears indecently tight pants, check. I’d say the sirens are just around the corner. Of the maze. This…This isn’t going to work out, is it?

on the phone

2. Jung Shi-Hyun, from Heartless City

Shi-Hyun, you know I love you, but is creating your own drug empire really the best way to put gangs out of business?

well someone's psycho today

1. Edward Cullen, from Twilight

Do I need to explain this?


7 thoughts on “Top six fictional characters who would be arrested in real life

  1. Sometimes what comes across as “cool” or “romantic” in fiction or movies are completely unacceptable in reality – I think because we get to watch events from the safety of our own minds rather than experience it personally


    1. Very true. Sometimes, that behavior doesn’t even work in fiction (see Jacob’s public indecency habit).

      Perhaps fiction is a safe way to experiment with things we WISH we could have/do. (Just not Jacob’s public indecency habit.)


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