All my Twilight junk in one place

Here it is, all in one place for your reading pleasure (or not). Will probably grow as I think of new ways to drag Twilight into everything in existence.

Edward Cullen’s To-Do List

Kitty and Nom Noms: The Love Story, or, a review of Eclipse (MAJOR SPOILERS AND RAMBLING)

A letter to Edward, or, an epistolary review of New Moon

Creepy Boyfriend Contest: Edward Cullen vs Edward Rochester

One messed up love triangle, or, Twilight as Genesis

Addicted to heroine, or, adventures in Twilight metaphors

He may be an ex-serial killer, but he’s still kinda cute, or, musings on Edward Cullen (and Bella, by default)

Twilight: Surprisingly not as bad the second time

Top ten things Edward could have done instead of stalking Bella at night


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