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Glowy aliens, or, a review of Obsidian

Boys with abs. Boys who don’t know what they want. Boys who are supernatural creatures. Weird powers. Girls who can’t stand boys with abs who don’t know what they want.

All of the above elements can make a successful paranormal novel, under the right circumstances. This book threw them all together in a pot and forgot to add sugar and spice. It’s a shame, because this could have been a good story with different execution. But it was not. Here is why.

Our heroine, Katy, is a bit bummed about moving to West Virginia, but she understands that her mother had to get away from Florida, where they used to live with Katy’s dad. He died of cancer, and the family is only just beginning to recover form grieving. Worried that Katy isn’t getting any interaction, her mom forces her to say hi to the neighbors. Katy is greeted by a TOTAL HUNK. With abs. Did I mention abs? In retrospect, I think this is where things go downhill. Continue reading “Glowy aliens, or, a review of Obsidian”