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Twilight: Surprisingly not as bad the second time

I have Twilight feels. Lots of them. I shouldn’t even like Twilight. When I heard of it, it sounded stupid. In fact, I developed a bit of a negative obsession with it, but my friend convinced me to see the movie, and I liked it, to my surprise. I decided to give the book a shot.

It horrified and enthralled me. Bella was whiny. Forks has a population of 3,000, Bella? Really? MY town has a population of 312. And it doesn’t even have a library. Suck it. But deep down, I liked Bella and her truck. And her sinful urges to ruin that shiny Volvo’s paint job with her monster of a Chevy. Continue reading “Twilight: Surprisingly not as bad the second time”