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#MondayBlogs: Writing Complex Female Villains

Here’s a guest post about villains of the female variety and why we don’t have enough, which I wrote for Shannon A. Thompson. Go and read the rest of her stuff too; it’s very interesting.

#MondayBlogs: Writing Complex Female Villains.


Stalking: It’s only okay when he’s hot

They're always watching.
They’re always watching.

In real life, when I hear about a guy following a girl home, I get scared. I hope she calls the cops. I hope they stop him.

In fiction, I’m more likely to get attacked by the warm and fuzzies. YA HAS BRAINWASHED ME, IT’S NOT MY FAULT I SWEAR. I’m just a victim of this misogynist culture. Okay, fine, it kind of is my fault, since I decided to fill my brain with a steady diet of the stuff. Ya know, no one forced me to do that. Continue reading “Stalking: It’s only okay when he’s hot”