Month: August 2014

He may be an ex-serial killer, but he’s still kinda cute, or, musings on Edward Cullen (and Bella, by default)

Edward Cullen. Where do I begin? He’s like one of those seemingly nice sociopaths on a crime show: the rich, perfect young gentleman who has a few girlfriends in the basement. Edward may not have any dead girlfriends (though Bella almost becomes one), but he certainly has had someone in his basement. I mean, really:

“Oh, we have weapons.” He flashed his bright teeth in a brief, threatening smile. I fought back a shiver before it could expose me.

He can never turn it off, can he? He is a predator at heart, but Bella hides her reaction to some of his darker patterns of thought to spare his feelings. And to keep him from running away from her in a fit of self-loathing. Edward is the most interesting thing that’s happened to her all year; of course she’s not going to let him get away. Continue reading “He may be an ex-serial killer, but he’s still kinda cute, or, musings on Edward Cullen (and Bella, by default)”


Twilight: Surprisingly not as bad the second time

I have Twilight feels. Lots of them. I shouldn’t even like Twilight. When I heard of it, it sounded stupid. In fact, I developed a bit of a negative obsession with it, but my friend convinced me to see the movie, and I liked it, to my surprise. I decided to give the book a shot.

It horrified and enthralled me. Bella was whiny. Forks has a population of 3,000, Bella? Really? MY town has a population of 312. And it doesn’t even have a library. Suck it. But deep down, I liked Bella and her truck. And her sinful urges to ruin that shiny Volvo’s paint job with her monster of a Chevy. Continue reading “Twilight: Surprisingly not as bad the second time”

Shakespeare tramp stamps, or, a review of Unravel Me

Surprisingly, Unravel Me, by Tahereh Mafi, is…Dare I say it? Better than Shatter Me. We have less annoying makeouts with Adam, Juliette works out some of the issues she struggled with in the first book, and there’s more Warner. Who has a Shakespeare tramp stamp. And a tattoo proclaiming IGNITE, which just happens to be half the title of the third book. Adam doesn’t stand a chance. For spoilers, click on.

Continue reading “Shakespeare tramp stamps, or, a review of Unravel Me”