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Somedaaaaay, my alpha will cooooome, or, a review of The Sheik

The Shiek

This is it, you guys. I’ve found the One True Alpha. All the rest of you posers can go home. Nothing like vintage alpha for a bit of nostalgia, and at 1919, The Sheik is considered by some the first romance novel ever. Sometimes, the original actually is the best  worst. NOTHING will ever be as terrible or as hilarious as this book. Hence the reason I read the entire thing with a gigantic smile on my face. IT WAS SO AWESOME. Except for…well, we’ll get to that. Continue reading “Somedaaaaay, my alpha will cooooome, or, a review of The Sheik”


Too Alpha For You

Today, we’re going to discuss an elusive, mysterious creature who makes its habitat in corporations, pirate ships, Regency London, and the Wild West.

I am, of course, talking about the Alpha Male™. Chances are, you’ve encountered at least one in your reading adventures. Continue reading “Too Alpha For You”